Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action

Quote by Walter Anderson
Get another

Know this

  • You are not alone! 22% of adults experince panic or anxiety attacks.
  • Yes, it can feel like a heart attack.
  • It's temporary. It'll all be over soon.
  • If something happens, people arround you will help you.
  • If it was life threatening, you'll be in the ER by now.
  • You are probably more anxious about the "what ifs" than what you're actully feeling.
  • You'll be FINE!
  • Honestly. We've all been there.

Do this now

  • Breathe!
  • Accept and recognize your panic or anxiety.
  • Run towards your physical feelings- think what your mind can throw at you next?
  • Say: "So what?", you'll live through this.
  • Share with someone. Don't be ashamed.
  • Practice mindfulness. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing rhythm.
  • Relax your muscles one by one
  • Distract yourself by doing something else.
  • Even more tools...